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Sarah's Fast Facts

Here are a selection of the questions Sarah gets asked which aren't all about sport.....

Favourite Food: Italian but I love sampling the local specialities when travelling.

Favourite drink: Champagne!

What about non alcoholic?!: Water, probably or some no sugar cordial.

If you had to give up sweet or savoury food which would it be? Sweet probably, although if fruit counted as sweet then I am not sure I could decide!

Favourite Holiday Destination?: I love anywhere with a mix of sunshine and fun stuff to do. For our honeymoon we went to Canada in the Autumn and it was equally as amazing as being on the beach in the Carribean in the summer. So long as the accommodation is peaceful and has good amenities I am happy anywhere!

Favourite Training Destination?: Lanzarote. We stay at the fantastic Club La Santa resort which has everything you need from great food to a health centre with great massage therapists.

Favourite Hotel in London?: One Aldwych. The hotel is an oasis of calm in the centre of everything and the gym is perfect for training too. The good food means my diet doesn't have to suffer just because I am away working.

Hardest thing you have ever done?: Probably Deloitte Ride Across Britain. I have done it twice now and it is both mentally and physically really hard work. The weather in 2010 was amazing but then in 2011 we were soaked to the skin almost everyday. I really admire the riders who are not full time who completed the whole thing and were camping too, that would have been very hardcore!

Injuries through sport?: I have broken my collarbone twice since I started cycling, the left one both times. The first time was worse than the second, I managed to win a world title on the track with it broken the second time. In swimming I had a bad right shoulder for most of my career, it was worse in my teens and while I was at school with bad posture slumped over a desk, but was an over use injury because I couldn't pull evenly in the water. I was lucky to work with some great physio's who helped manage it right through to the time when I stopped swimming.

Most embarrassing moment?: I was backpacking in Australia in early 2001 and had so much stuff, I had a big backpack and a front pack too. I dropped something in the station in Brisbane and when I bent down to pick it up the weight of what I was carrying forced me to fall onto my front and get stranded underneath the backpack! Being in Australia the locals just pointed and laughed at the stupid Pommie!

Favourite Clothes Shop?: I love Karen Millen and also a local Boutique to where we live called Andrea Claire. I love clothes but try and find things that will last and I can wear again!

Handbags or Shoes?: Both! Ha ha, Barney couldn't believe how many shoes and bags I had when he first met me!

Biggest fashion mistake?: Probably the velvet flares I once owned!

What would you be if you weren't an athlete?: A PE teacher. I did a sports science degree at Leeds Metropolitan University and have always thought I could go back and do a PGCE if I needed a new career path.

Top tips?: Make sure you enjoy what you are doing.

Best piece of advice you have ever been given?: Don't compromise. If you know there is a better option, or something you can do to make the situation better then you have to do it. You need to get on the start line knowing you have done everything possible to be the best prepared.




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